Hi, I’m Dr. Ashley!

I absolutely love using what has been created for us in order to live a life of health, healing and hope! My mission is to show you how to combine the natural with the Supernatural. I hope that you will find something here that will inspire you and at the very least help you gain wisdom, knowledge and joy in living!

As a newly blessed Mama, I understand the importance of natural healthcare! My passion is to incorporate my knowledge and expertise in medicine, surgery, Scriptures and even shoes to the current health topics of today! Join with me in embarking on a journey of a fulfilled life… you won’t be disappointed!

Medically, I am a Podiatrist who is trained in foot and ankle surgery and deformity correction. One of my favorite aspects of being a doctor is having the ability to teach Ponsetti technique to indigenous people for clubfoot correction in children. Most recently I worked at the Navajo Native Reservation hospital in New Mexico. I currently see patients virtually through the world’s leading virtual healthcare organization, Health Tap.

I have been blessed to travel across America and the world with my best friend, husband and love of my life, Travis. We have been able to help in crisis and disaster situations together. Whether it be in the Amazon jungle performing club-foot surgery on kids or in the inner cities of America mentoring teens, we are ready to serve. Living a life of faith and spontaneity we are always up for an adventure. You may have seen us hiking in Machu Pichu, mountain biking in the Ozark Mountains, playing tennis near the Gulf of Mexico or sleeping in a hammock on Mackinaw Island!

I look forward to the next adventure on this journey as well as bringing health, healing and hope along the way.

Dr. Ashley