Healthy Tips for Healthy Summer Feet

Looking forward to the sunshine this summer?
Have you been diagnosed with any foot fungus, calluses, or plantar fasciitis? Then this would be a perfect time to get those feet in great condition for the beach or at least for some cute sandals!

There are many wonderful natural treatments to consider adding to your daily regimen. Here are a few easy recommendations to try straight from Dr. Ashley…

I suggest using a light layer of pure, cold pressed castor oil to any callused or heavily treaded areas every evening. Additionally, massage a thin layer of shea butter cream (or your favorite cream) to prevent any stickiness from the oil. This will get those callused areas healed quickly when used in combination with a daily pumice stone in the shower or bath. You’ll be sure to have silky soft feet soon!

If the winter months were rough on your skin and nails, I recommend a daily toenail and cuticle massage with 100% pure essential tea tree and lavender oils. Take a small dark glass spritzer bottle and add 3 drops of essential oil to every 10 drops of your choice of coconut oil or almond oil. Both smell great and with the essential oils added you will really enjoy using it.

With summertime approaching, you’re going to want to be outside and active as much as you can. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and avoid injuries. Wearing a supportive insole every day is essential. Try a new sandal that conforms to your arch and avoid the flimsy, unsupportive flip flops. Those will only cause problems. There are many new supportive brands that are wonderful and feel great for walking around on those long, dreamed of, summer vacation spots. Make sure to always stretch before and after any activity and try your best not to go barefoot when you’re not in the sand!

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Have a great summer!
Dr. Ashley

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