During this time of year, I typically have an overwhelming amount of patients who ask me the same question… “Doctor Ashley… what can I do about my ugly toenails?”  Some patients request prescription medication and others just want them permanently removed.  I like to give a third option.

I actually get it… I love spring and summer time and I love wearing sandals (supportive of course!).  As a new Momma I actually have the most neglected feet I have ever had in my life… so I understand the predicament!  Even as I write this I am conscious of my ungroomed & unpainted toenails!  There’s just something about having them “done” that makes me feel refreshed.  So, I feel that a few tips from a foot specialist like myself may be beneficial to you.

There are prescription medications that are proven to be effective for many, however I prefer to go the natural route when at all possible.  With a little research I can feel better knowing I am purposefully not harming my new baby or myself!

My favorite and most unique answer to give patients is ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)!  It is very interesting that an apple can go through the natural fermentation process to then create one of the best natural medicines around. It cleans, cleanses and protects the body by an interaction with its alkaline properties. Even more interesting is that it is found in ancient scripture written thousands of years ago. Song of Songs 2:5 says…”Refresh me with apples because I am lovesick.” The word for refresh in the original Hebrew is ‘raphad,’ meaning, ‘to refresh’ or ‘to spread’ [out a bed & comfort.]  So to use an apple is like spreading out a bed to find comfort in! That sounds pretty healing to me! I love it!

You really don’t have to look far to find writings on all the wonderful medical benefits ACV contains. Not only does this miraculous drink act as a natural anti-fungal and detox, it actually gives added energy needed throughout the day.  I recommend drinking it daily (in a mixture with 1 cup of warm water, 1 Tbsp cinnamon and 2-3 Tbsp raw honey).   If patients have any fungus on their nails, I also recommend applying ACV-soaked cotton to each affected nail daily.  It is not an “overnight cure” for toenail fungus, however with persistence and time I have seen excellent results in many patients. There are truly many health benefits to it.

As far as painting goes, I prefer the brands that are free of the 5 main toxic chemicals. I also choose those that have natural essential oils (ex: 100% tea tree oil) within the formularies.  This will give the color most patients desire as well as treating and/or preventing nail fungus.  Remember to always take your polish with you when getting a pedicure to prevent unnecessary contamination from other clients.

I have many other fun and beneficial health tips for your toes, feet, legs and entire body that I look forward to sharing in the future.  Subscribe to stay up to date with the latest from Dr. Ashley.

Thanks for reading!
Dr. Ashley

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